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16 Days of Activism: what’s it all about?


From Saturday 25th November to Sunday 10th December, we'll be supporting the 16 Days of Activism global campaign aimed at raising awareness and taking action to end domestic violence and gender-based abuse.

The campaign emphasizes the need for gender equality, the eradication of violence against women, and the protection of human rights. Gender based violence can affect anyone, but the vast majority is inflicted on women and girls and the threat of violence is most prominent where they should feel safest: in their own homes.

At Stonewater our vision is that everyone has the opportunity to have a place they can call home and our dedicated refuges enable survivors of domestic abuse to have a safe space.

We offer these safe spaces so that survivors can protect themselves and their families, rebuild their lives and gain the skills and confidence to move forward following their own experiences with abuse.

Our dedicated, passionate and caring staff are on-hand to support customers through their own journeys. They do this by offering advice and guidance, signposting to external support agencies, arranging for clubs and workshops within refuge and by building a safe space and network for survivors and their families.

By supporting the 16 Days of Activism campaign, we can help raise awareness through Stonewater and the wider community and make positive changes to end domestic violence.

Over the campaign, we'll be sharing important information about what to look out for and how to support anyone you think might be experiencing domestic violence. We'll also be sharing some of the work we do and showcasing our incredible staff who support survivors daily.

What can you do?

Everyone has the opportunity to stand up for survivors of domestic abuse. You can do this by calling out language and behaviours you come across.

You can also educate yourself so you're able to spot the signs and find out how you can support and signpost survivors to get help.