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I have worked for Stonewater for 3 years and as part of a ‘giving back’ campaign, I sourced funding through our partner charity, The Longleigh Foundation, to enable our residents to attend a weekly Bootcamp Session, completely free of charge.

I want to give you, our residents the opportunity of interacting with your local Stonewater community and for you to access exercise in a fun and engaging way.

Bootcamp, like all other exercises, improves mental health and reduces social isolation.

For the Bootcamp sessions, we have partnered with Battle Bootcamp – Warwick, which is a professional and well-established organisation. The instructors are engaging and are highly trained military instructors that have over 30 years’ experience in delivering Bootcamp Sessions.

Each session will cater to beginners, who have done little or no training and will also be suitable for members who are at more of an advanced level.

There will always be a beginner’s class at Stonewater Bootcamp.