Customer annual report – here’s your update!


At the end of 2018, we published our Customer Annual Report. This is an essential document that details what Stonewater has found out about how it’s performing for you, our customers. More importantly, it describes what we’re doing to improve the future our services, so we leave you wanting to recommend us to a friend.

I encourage everyone to have a look through the report - don’t worry, it’s not a boring 300-page document, it’s a new snazzy magazine that’s about 15 pages long.

Here are a few highlights I’d like to share;

  • Customer Satisfaction 79%. This is so much better than last year as we only had 64%. Customers are telling us we’re doing better!
  • Value for Money 93%. Listen to views and acts on them 70%. Last year only 53% of customers said we listened, this year we have done much better.
  • Out of over 373,000 contacts to Stonewater previous year, 84% said they were satisfied with how we dealt with their enquiry.

The numbers above show some significant improvements, but we know we can do much better and this next year we seriously plan to. It’s because of your feedback all this is happening. THANK YOU!