Consumer Standards for Social Housing – tell us your views

You might have seen that the Regulator of Social Housing recently announced they are consulting on the Consumer Standards for social housing.  

The Consumer Standards are the rules social housing landlords, like Stonewater, have to follow when we rent homes to our customers. This means it’s important that the Standards focus on the right things, and that our customers get to have their say on the Regulator’s proposals.  

The four new standards are 

  • The Safety and Quality Standard – this is to make sure customers have good and safe home 
  • The Transparency, Influence and Accountability Standard – this is to make sure landlords have a good relationship with our customers 
  • The Neighbourhood and Community Standard- this is to make sure our customers live in safe and well maintained communities  
  • The Tenancy Standard- This Standard says how landlords should rent homes to tenants and look after and end tenancies 

The Regulator has asked us to consider their proposals and to let them know what we think. 

We’d like to invite our customers to share your views with us, so we can make sure your voice is heard. We’ve scheduled two virtual workshops, taking place on Tuesday 12 September 10am-11am and Wednesday 13 September 6pm-7pm.

This will be a chance to hear first-hand from Stonewater about what the changes mean, and for you to have your say on what you’d like from the Regulator’s new standards. We’ll share your feedback in our response to the consultation, and it’ll help us as we put in place our plans to roll out the new Standards.  

To book a space on one of our workshops, please register on Zoom using the following links

To learn more, you can read the Regulator’s consultation here or read their ‘easy read’ guide (helpful if you're short on time) here

You can also take part in the consultation and let the Regulator know what you think directly by visiting