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A story of true dedication…

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Wednesday 19 December 2018 will definitely be etched in the minds of our residents at Copley Mill House as well as their Service Delivery Officer Robyn, but for two very different reasons.

That was the day Robyn had been looking forward to for years – it was her university graduation ceremony in Leeds. A day she had planned for and booked off work many months previously. However, it was also the day temporary heaters were being delivery to everyone at Copley Mill House as their boiler had broken down suddenly leaving the whole block without any heat.

That morning Robyn’s immediate thoughts were of the residents rather than the degree she was due to receive. She was aware there may be some complications with the delivery to the scheme as there were a couple of residents who wouldn’t have been able to get to their doors to receive their heaters due to illness. This played on Robyn's mind and she didn’t feel right being on leave without making sure all the residents had some form of heating during the very cold weather they were experiencing.

Robyn made the decision to return from the ceremony in Leeds early so she could visit the scheme in the afternoon to make sure all the residents had received their heaters. This illustrates her total dedication to her job, and the residents she supports - she just had to ensure the residents were all OK.

Thankfully, as her visit didn’t take her too long, Robyn was able to have her well-earned celebratory drinks later that same evening.