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Estates inspections… what are they and when do they happen?


Estates inspections

Stonewater recently had a question from the community asking how often the estate inspections are being carried out.

What are estate inspections?
Stonewater carries out regular estates inspections to grade the performance of our contractors and to make sure everything is safe.

So what determines how often the inspections are done?
Quite simply it can be the size of the estate you live on, however, there are a few things to consider, like the types of properties that are in your area (blocks of flats have more communal areas for example), the number of anti-social behaviour cases. Even the amount of empty properties at a scheme can make a difference.

Inspections can be carried out weekly, monthly, bi-monthly or six monthly based on the factors listed above. But if anything changes, so will the frequency of the inspection.

You can find details of who your local TSO is and also the full article on the Stonewater website by clicking here.