Improve your computer skills

Digital technology has advanced rapidly over the last few years and no matter what age we are, we will have all noticed the benefits.

For example; for years we just used a static landline phone to make calls but, following the invention of the mobile, we suddenly had the ability to call anyone from any location in the world. Later, after the explosion of the internet, further technology allowed us to use our mobiles to do so much more i.e.; take pictures, make appointments, catch a train, listen to the radio, get directions, watch the TV or even buy a car!

It's therefore safe to say that technology isn’t going to stand still and constant evolution means we’re moving towards a totally digital world.

For speed and convenience more and more people are choosing to; browse, research, transact and connect online rather than in person or by phone or post. However, it’s not just the increased efficiency that is prompting this change; by reducing paperwork, postage, telephone calls and travel expenses, it’s usually more eco-friendly and cost effective too. Businesses are reacting to this global trend by adapting their services to suit but these changes mean that it’s becoming increasingly important that everyone learns how to get online and become computer savvy.

Help is at hand! offers free online computer training for anyone who has access to the internet. Their learning modules are easy to use and explain in simple terms how to; search, stay safe online, use email and public services.