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poem verse 1

In support of the #LookingOutForOurNeighbours campaign Frank, a very talented poet at our Arkwright Court scheme, has created this wonderful piece of prose.



Who can say what makes a good neighbour…? We all have our own opinions.
Is it someone who is always polite, never makes a noise or a fuss?
Or someone who cares, looking out for others less able?
One who does things for those who cannot help themselves, shopping etc…
Or maybe – just maybe – it’s all of those and more… A neighbour is someone who lives close by
Someone who’ll help others and try
To ease the lot of their fellow man
You can do it – anyone can. No qualifications needed, just common sense,
They don’t go seeking recompense;
They just hold out an helping hand,
It is so easy to understand. Some kindly words or a thoughtful deed,
To help another soul in need;
Sometimes a smile is all it takes,
To ease someone else’s heartaches. A neighbour will listen to others’ woes,
Never turning up their nose;
Caring for and about those one sees,
Whose burdens bring them to their knees. Offering assistance to a neighbour too
Can make the day brighter for both of you;
A good neighbour will be there to the end
Gradually becoming a trusted friend. FRANK PAVITT
Retirement Living Resident