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Make it easier to shape where you live

No one knows your neighbourhood better than you, and you and your neighbours might have great suggestions on how to improve it. But once you’ve had that idea, where does it go?  

We want to make it really easy for our customers to make suggestions for improvements where they live, and get clear information on when Stonewater will respond to and action them.  

To do this, we’re putting together a brand new procedure and we’d really value your views.  

Join us for a workshop at 1pm on Monday 11th March where we’ll share with you our draft procedure and take your feedback on how to really make it work for all Stonewater customers.  

In the session we’ll be asking: 

  • How do we consult with customers about suggestions that impact them? 
  • How can we make sure the procedure is fair for everyone? 
  • How long is reasonable for us to consider your suggestion? 
  • How often should we update you? 

To join our consultation register here: