Making the most of each room – Week 1

making rooms appear smaller image - DIY campaign 2 post 1

Following on from my recent ‘painting your home’ messages, over the next three weeks I’ll be focusing on the importance of colour with my top tips to make rooms appear bigger or cosier.

This week it’s all about how to make a small room look bigger:

  • Introduce some wall mirrors – they will reflect light and space.
  • Adding floor to ceiling curtains will accentuated the height of your walls.
  • Light coloured wallpaper or emulsion paint will open up the room (if you wish to introduce some pattern though, it’s always best to opt for smaller patterns or vertical stripes to make a room look bigger).
  • Having a darker floor will make walls appear taller and broader.
  • White ceilings (ideally use a silk emulsion) will prevent closing in a room as they’ll make the walls look taller.
  • Directional lighting is key – introducing uplighters will accentuate the height of the walls and bounce the light from the ceiling back down to the floor.

~ Sarah
Sarah is one of our Social Media Editors and carries an HND in Spatial Design.