Making the most of each room – Week 4

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In my fourth and final post about making the most out of each room, its important to remember that it’s not just colour and texture that create the mood in a room, lighting also plays a huge part.

If you’re after a bright, fresh, clinical look and feel the more light you can bring into the room, the better. As a general guide, the more wattage you have in a lightbulb, the stronger and brighter the area will become (ideal for kitchens where you need a lot of task lighting) Alternatively, if you want a more cosy, warm look and feel to your room, it’s recommended to opt for less wattage in your lightbulbs – those that offer an amber light rather than pure white (ideal for bedrooms).

However, it’s not only the lightbulb you use that creates the mood, it’s also the fittings you choose and where you place them that creates the overall ambience. For instance, if you only have one pendant lighting in a room, it will tend to throw shadows everywhere which can make a room appear quite sombre. Introducing lighting at different levels which will carry light upwards, bouncing it from the ceiling, will help alleviate this (i.e.: standard lamps, uplighters and/or table lamps).

If you’re unsure about which lightbulb to use to create the mood you’re after, or just want to know the difference between bayonet and screw fittings, or the differences between LED, CFL (compact fluorescent lamp) or halogen blubs, ‘Which?’ have the answer:

~ Sarah
Sarah is one of our Social Media Editors and carries an HND in Spatial Design.

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