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The dedication of a Service Delivery Officer knows no bounds!

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The role of a Service Delivery Officer (SDO) has its challenges but it’s also incredibly rewarding. In this article Helen, one of our many dedicated SDO’s, tells the story of Paul; one of the residents she supports.

“This is Paul. He is 60 years old and has been a resident in one of our retirement living schemes for just over 12 months but due to health issues is is now virtually housebound.

Although Paul has a sister (his only living relative), she emigrated to Portugal last September which makes him feel rather isolated, admitting that if he hadn’t been living where he is now, he doesn’t think that he would be alive today.

We’ve supported Paul since he came to us to help him stay living independently; we’ve fitted aids and adaptations in his home and have even arranged a full bathroom refurbishment via the local authority. We have also raised safeguarding issues directly with the local council which ensures Paul receives all the help and care that he needs - and deserves.

One Monday morning I visited Paul and was horrified to learn that he hadn’t eaten for two days because he wasn’t physically able to leave his home to buy food. Assisted by a colleague, I immediately helped him create an email address before placing an online shopping order that was delivered straight to his door.

The other residents at the scheme have made it their mission to check on Paul. They make regular visits, helping him with any DIY jobs that he needs, and, if anyone has any unwanted furniture they always offer it to Paul before disposing of it - epitomising the aims of the #LookingOutForOurNeighbours campaign.

Although Paul’s condition doesn’t allow him to attend the many events held in the communal lounge, he always receives a plate of food from each one, hand delivered to his door with a smile.

Last Christmas, Paul was recognised in our ‘Christmas Box’ appeal and my Team Leader and I delivered a hamper to him - to say that he was thrilled would be an understatement because he later, very thoughtfully, arranged for another resident to purchase a “Thank You” card for us on his behalf as a way of showing his appreciation.

In order for Paul to continue living independently, I found him a cleaner who now visits every week and even assists with his washing and ironing. She’s also happy to get anything he needs from the shops which makes him feel less isolated.

Unfortunately there is nothing that can be done to totally banish Paul’s frustrations with his medical condition, however, I am confident and proud to say that all; my colleagues, the residents of St David’s Court and other local partnership agencies will continue to always ‘go the extra mile’ in making a difference to this lovely man’s life and wellbeing.”

- Helen
Service Delivery Officer, Stonewater