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Money Matters – we’re here to help

We know that a lot of people are struggling, inflation has caused everything to go up and it's really important to us that our customers know we’re here to help. With this in mind, in December we held a live session over on Facebook to discuss all things money, energy and support that is available during this difficult time. 

We really appreciate everyone who came along and those who sent questions in.  

We’ve pulled out some of the questions here but, if you have time and want energy saving tips or money advice, the video is below. 

I’m struggling with my rent payments, what options are available? 

If you have any concerns about paying your rent, please speak to us and we can support you. There’s lots of options available, from affordable payment plans to direct debits and support with benefits. 

I’m worried about paying for heating and food. 

Depending on local authorities, we can look at getting you food bank vouchers and local household support funds to help. You may also be able to get a referral from other organisations you’re connected to such as the job centre, doctors, social workers or citizen’s advice.  

Paying for utilities is a real worry for many people at the minute. We’d always recommend contacting your energy supplier first as they have support in place for customers and can offer you immediate support. We’ve also got lots of tips and advice on our energy hub which you can find here.  

What are your top energy saving tips? 

Firstly, we’d recommend looking at our energy hub which has loads of really useful information but there are some simple ways to save money which everyone can do. 

  • When using the kettle, only boil the water that you need to reduce the time it takes 
  • Do full loads of laundry rather than multiple smaller ones 
  • Close curtains as soon as it gets dark to keep heat in, and open in the morning, especially when its sunny, to let heat in 
  • Draft proof windows and doors using household items 
  • Turn all electric items you can off standby when you’re not using them 
  • Turn radiators down in rooms you don’t use often 
  • Cutting down showers by a minute or two reduces energy consumption  
  • Have a smart meter installed if you can to help you stay in control of your energy usage  

If you are struggling or need support, there are different ways we can help you so please get in touch with us. 

Where’s the best place to find information on grants and support available? 

Take a look at our help with money flyer on the money matters page of our website.  

Our teams discuss the different charities and organisations that can offer help to people on the video so we’ve put together links here, which we hope you will find useful: 

As we’ve mentioned throughout, we are here to help you. You can talk to us if you are struggling, want advice or need help with something in your home.  

You can call us on 01202 319 119 or by emailing