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Preparing for potential blackouts


You may have seen the news predicting potential blackouts in the coldest parts of winter. This might happen if electricity generators do not have enough gas to meet demand. We really hope this doesn’t happen, but it’s good to be prepared for unexpected events. We thought we’d share our top tips for getting through a power cut, just in case! 

  • Make yourself an emergency kit with: 
    • A torch for each person in the house (battery powered or wind-up) 
    • Spare batteries 
    • Candles and matches (or a lighter) 
    • A charged battery pack for your mobile phone so you can check on family or friends 
  • Dress in layers to keep you warm and have blankets available
  • Switch off and unplug appliances, especially items that shouldn’t be left unattended such as fires, cookers, irons and hair straighteners  
  • Avoid opening your fridge or freezer so they stay cold to stop your food spoiling
  • Fill a flask with boiling water before the blackout (if we know what time it will happen) 
  • Leave a light switched on so you know when the power comes back on 

If you can, please look out for friends, family and neighbours who might feel a little more vulnerable during this and don’t forget to take care of yourself too.