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#RealPeople #RealLives – Jane

Retirement Living - interesting resident story - Jane helps other residents

Jane has lived in one of our retirement living flats in Coventry, with her husband John for over 14 years and is very helpful, well-known resident. She loves getting involved and regularly co-ordinates all the social activities including bingo and a Friendship Club. Each week, without fail, Jane records each activity that takes place and the people who attend so she can make tweaks and improvements to make things even better for everyone the following week.

John is one of the Estate Champions at the scheme whose role is to inspect the grounds with one of our Service Delivery Officers every month. Jane on the other hand, is the person other residents turn to whenever they have a query about any aspect of maintaining their home as she’s usually able to provide the detail of what’s needed and how to go about arranging things.

Jane and John both love where they live and have a good network of neighbours and friends. Their family celebrations are often held in the communal lounge where Jane also enjoys attending the monthly residents meetings.

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