#RealPeople #RealLives – Michael

Retirement Living - interesting resident story - Michael train driver (1)

Michael moved into one of our West Midlands retirement living schemes in April 2019 and wanted to share his story:

“Although I officially retired at the age of 67, it’s not technically true as I am still working! I’m a train driver/instructor for Pre Metro Operations Limited and work full time hours some weeks.

I’ve been a driving instructor for many years, previously training drivers of cars, buses, and lorries.

Now I train drivers on trains, motorcycles, some off road vehicles, fork lift trucks, floor cleaners and vehicle shunting equipment.

I got involved with Pre Metro Operations in 2005/6 and have progressed from there.

Other jobs I have worked in include; maintenance in a printing works, making nuts and bolts and machine parts to build cars and large vehicles.

Some years ago I joined the special constabulary which I found very interesting.

I choose to continue working because the job I do is interesting and I am assisting people to travel. It also gives me a sense of purpose and, of course, the extra cash is useful. “

Michael likes living in his Stonewater home, saying: “It’s a wonderful place to be. I’ve made many friends and really enjoy the company. I get involved with all the social activities and events that take place but, most importantly, I feel safe and secure here and, although I will be 74 years of age this July, I have no plans to leave as I feel living here has contributed to me remaining in such good health.”