#RealPeople #RealLives – Trish

Retirement Living - interesting resident story - Trish - Author (1)

Continuing our #RealPeople #RealLives campaign this article is all about Trish, an accomplished author who lives in one of our retirement living schemes…

Two years ago Trish (75) moved into one of our flats in Halifax, West Yorkshire after a lifetime of travelling, having lived in five different countries.

“I wanted to see the world from the time I was eight years old, so I made sure I did!” she tells us.

Now, after finally settling down in one of our schemes, she relishes the company of the many friends she has there. “There’s always something going on, either an in-house event or a trip somewhere” she explains.

As well as a close group of friends to keep her company, Trish is an avid writer and has just had her eighth book published - the latest being all about Halifax!

She loves her home and says of living in retirement living that; “the advantage of living in a place like this is that you can either join in or keep yourself to yourself. It’s entirely up to you. So, when I want time and space to write or research, I get on with that and, when I feel I’d like company I can find it easily enough.”