Redecorating? Hints & tips week 2

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For this week’s redecorating tips, here are a few of my thoughts on the best tools to use to paint a wall…

“I find paint pads the easiest and best applicator for emulsion on walls – it’s much quicker than using a brush and you’ll get a flatter, smoother coating.

Brushes are best used on woodwork, radiators and pipework however I find them ideal for getting into all the smaller nooks and crannies on walls.

Rollers (with manmade sheepskin covers) are fantastic for Artex and lumpy walls and ceilings as they get the paint into all the undulations however you need to work fairly slowly, with minimal paint loaded onto the roller, to avoid splashes and spots.”

~ Sarah

Sarah is a Social Media Editor at Stonewater and carries an HND in Spatial Design. She was previously a successful commercial and domestic Interior Designer who appeared on radio and in national home decorating magazines.