Redecorating? Hints & tips week 3

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Here, in my final redecorating post, I’ve listed the five steps to achieving great looking painted walls.

  1. Prepare for painting: fill any holes and clean surfaces – sugar soap is ideal for this. Tape-off any surfaces you don’t want painted (e.g.: around window frames, light switches & fittings)
  2. Ensure all furniture is covered and moved into the centre of the room
  3. When you’re ready to start painting begin with the ceiling first
  4. All the woodwork and any pipes/radiators should be painted next (using a gloss or satinwood paint – hardwearing, washable oil based paints)
  5. The final surfaces to paint should be the walls – if painting over a darker colour you may need a primer (water based) before applying two coats of good quality emulsion.

~ Sarah