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Salisbury Retirement Living scheme refresh Week 3: Vicky

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This week, our ‘Reporter of the Week’ Rachel, asked Vicky, one of our retirement living residents in Salisbury, about the residents’ very own refresh to their communal lounge…

Vicky explained; “I’ve only been here for a year, but I’m glad that we’re saying goodbye to the dark brown/beige walls.

Driven by the residents’ committee, we decided to collaborate on this project as residents to make redecorating the lounge really efficient and cost-effective for us.

I enjoyed helping out with stripping the wallpaper a few weekends ago and I really hope that once the redecoration is finished, people will make better use of the lounge for a wider range of communal activities.

I like film nights, exercise classes and reading groups – some of these already happen, others I hope will begin once the lounge is a really nice space again.”