Service Update – Get prepared for Storm Ciarán

The Met Office has issued a weather warning this week for Storm Ciaran, anticipating heavy rainfall and strong winds in parts of the UK.

We will be expecting a high volume of calls during the bad weather and disruption to some repairs in affected areas. We will be prioritising customers who need to report an issue that poses a serious risk to them and their home.

If your power is out and your neighbors are also affected, kindly hang up and dial National Grid at 105. They'll assist you promptly.

We know that high winds can sometimes damage fence panels. We can help you to take care of fences near public roads and in communal areas, however, fences between properties are your responsibility as a Stonewater customer.

To help us support customers who urgently need help, if you have a non-urgent request we recommend that you log it on MyHome or our email,

Find out if your area will be affected here on the official government website.

If you think you're at risk of flooding, then follow these steps

  • Move any belongings you can upstairs if possible 
  • Turn off your power for anything that might come into contact with flood water 

For general stormy weather, stay safe with our guidance below 


Thank you for your understanding and patience during this challenging period.