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Sign ups – just done a little differently

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One of our Tenancy Service Officers, John, has shared his story on how we’re carrying out our sign ups in line with government advice, to make sure we’re still delivering affordable homes to people who need them most

"The lettings team had a customer desperate to move in before more severe lockdown measures were potentially brought in and also as she works in the care industry was expecting to be asked to work longer hours. In negotiation with Josh, in our lettings team, he kindly sent the paperwork to her and she was asked to pay the rent in advance before she even arrived on site. She had read the paperwork and was as keen as I was to crack on.

I arrived first and carried out the property checks and ran the taps through. She arrived before she was due clearly showing how keen that she was, however was more than happy to comply with my request to wait outside until I was ready.

The door step risk assessment seemed like a game of tennis as she was asking me to confirm my answers to the very questions that I was asking her in order to protect all parties. She was glad to hear that we were doing this and keeping everyone as safe as possible. Once we were both satisfied I explained to her how the viewing was going to work and how it was being done differently to how we would normally do it. I remained in the kitchen while she walked around the property and then stood in the lounge while she looked at the kitchen. Then she stood in the dining area and I stood in the kitchen while we finished the paperwork. Anything she needed to sign was left in the middle and I retreated before she collected it and so on, keeping that all important distance each time.

Sign up paperwork duly complete and sealed in an envelope for me to take away. She loved getting a new pen as like me she seems to get through so many in one day. We exchanged a virtual high five as she was so happy with the house that she had acquired. The process ran smoothly and being an asthmatic with caring responsibility for older relatives I was keen to make sure I managed my risks accordingly.

Sign ups - just done a little differently.”