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It’s #StartsAtHome Day on Friday 30 August

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As it’s #startsathome day we’ve posted lots of uplifting quotes from colleagues who help residents living in our Supported Housing schemes:


“I value my work with Stonewater very much: it is rewarding to see the staff, residents and community support clients, growing in confidence, feeling empowered and managing to do things independently, as a result of my work and support. Their ‘smiles’ make it worth it.”
- Cynthia, Senior Coach


“Working with adults with learning difficulties gives me an enormous sense of pride in myself, my team and the work Stonewater is doing in communities.
I love the look on resident’s faces as they realise what they can achieve for themselves; whether it’s something small like reading their own gas meter for the first time, or something bigger like completing their first day in a job.
Working here gives me the opportunity to be part of the progress adults with learning difficulties can make when given the right tools and support”
– Mandy, Coach at Bow Court


“The place lights up when you come to work, it makes me happy to see you, you are always happy to help and get things done.”
– A resident at Presentation House talking about Cynthia, the Senior Coach


“I love working for Stonewater as they are an organisation who cares about their customers, particularly as I work in Supported Housing with young people. The people I work with and I are very passionate about our customers and we feel very supported by Stonewater in delivering a positive and happy service.”
– Jennie Project Co-ordinator Swindon Foyer


“I enjoy working for Stonewater because my team is great. I think I get quality supervision and feel that staff and residents are not just a number but valued human beings. As staff we are not treated like robots but valued as professionals who care about supporting residents in a comprehensive and holistic way.”
- Hilda, Coach


“Working within Supported Housing brings me job satisfaction like nothing before. The incredible work done by the Projects and teams every day, and the inspirational stories of our customers, sparks this all consuming passion that changes you. Suddenly you realise that you are Supported Housing through and through. After working across a number of departments, both in the private and charitable sector, I have definitely found my home!” – Andrew, Regional Manager (Supported Housing)


“Speak to Hilda as she gets things done”
– a residents’ comment to a new resident at our Dover Crescent scheme


“I love working for Stonewater in Supported Housing because I feel the work I do every day makes a difference to the people we support.
I know when I go home that I truly did something meaningful and important.”
– Sian, Senior Project Co-Ordinator (Supported Housing)


“I have worked for Stone water for four years now and still enjoy working for them.
I enjoy the challenges working with the young people in our supported housing. I learn from them as much as I try to help them gain insight into their situations. Many have complex needs and health issues. I see their struggles to grow up in a world of social media.
I feel that most of our young people are very vulnerable but have no idea of this. When they have a crisis it is a privilege to be able to offer support and understanding. They often reject any intervention however, if treated with respect, it may be possible that in the future they will remember that we had their best interests at heart and will be able to use our concerns for their welfare to help them gain some comfort and confidence to ask for help.
The job itself is addictive - each day brings new challenges and rewards when a young person begins to grow and achieve in whatever way they feel is right for them.
An open mind is needed and the ability to stay calm and focused in the face of a crisis.
Young people are our future and need nurturing and help to overcome their issues in a modern hectic world.”
– Judy, Coach


“I feel privileged to be able to play a part in changing lives.
I work alongside vulnerable adults who have and continue to have experiences of trauma. In spite of this they allow me to support them and also trust me with some of their most personal stories and allow me to hold hope for them whilst they are managing their emotions and lives.
I value this trust and love that I am able to play a part in shaping and changing lives.
Stonewater provide a safe, supported, temporary home that allows people the time and support to work on their individual needs.
I have always been supported and encouraged to grow personally and feel proud to work for a company that values staff development.
I work within a wonderfully supportive team and between us we can always find; solutions, a listening ear and ensure the smooth running of the Project.”
– Cheryl, Scheme Worker Hazlemead House