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#TalkMoney week: Meet Income Officer Matthew

Matthew H

Hi everyone! My name is Matthew. I'm an Income Officer and have been at Stonewater for just over six months.

I totally understand how hard it is sometimes to speak to your landlord, especially when it comes to any issues you may have with your rent. However I'd like to reassure all our customers that the Income team are here to help.

As a team we pride ourselves in our empathy and consideration and we're here to assist with any rent and/or payment issues our residents may encounter, at anytime during their tenancy.

Rent should be the number one priority bill to pay because, by not meeting your payments, there's the potential to find yourself and your family being evicted. That's the last thing we would ever want to happen to any of our residents so please, please call us if you have any worries about your rent payments - by speaking to us we can help you get your account back on track.

We can also advise how to budget more efficiently as budgeting is a key factor to stress-free bill paying.

Whatever concern you may have about paying your rent payments, we're here to #TalkMoney and point you in the right direction. You can talk to us over the phone or at one of our occasional regional workshops.

Simply call 01202 319 119 and ask for the Income team!