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#TalkMoney week: Meet Income Officer Sharon

Sharon B

Continuing our #TalkMoney posts, where we thought we'd introduce you to the Income team, as they're the guys and girls who you can call on if you wish to #TalkMoney (such as your rent, benefit, support agencies, Credit Unions, etc).

We asked the team five questions to help you get to know them a bit better.

In this our second post, meet Sharon:

  • Hi Sharon, can you tell everyone how long you've worked for Stonewater?:
    I've worked for Stonewater for 25 years now so I've a huge amount of experience helping our customers.
  • Do you have any hobbies?:
    In my spare time, I really enjoy walking, gardening and Pilates.
  • What's your favourite food?:
    I love pasta so it's got to be Spagetti Bolognese!
  • What's your favourite TV programme or film?:
    The main thing on TV at the moment, which I can't miss is 'Strictly' on a Saturday night and my favourite film this year has been 'Fisherman’s Friends'
  • What do you love about your role as an Income Officer?
    Every day is different.
    I like to help anyone who finds themselves in financial difficulty; offering them help and support to keep their home.
  • What frequency can our customers pay their rent?
    Rent needs to be paid by our residents in advance (in-line with everyone's Tenancy Agreement). This can be done by either paying; weekly, fortnightly, fourth-weekly or monthly - whatever frequency is best for each customer.
    Residents can contact me or any member of the Income team to #TalkMoney by phoning us on: 01202 319119 or by email us at: