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Tenant Satisfaction Measures – where are we now?

Housing associations like us will soon be required to publish regular updates on specific areas of what we do to show you, our customers, how we’re doing and where we need to improve to support you at home.  

These updates, which will be published every year starting in summer 2024, are the new Tenant Satisfaction Measures (TSMs) that are being introduced by the Regulator for Social Housing to give customers a clearer picture about how we’re supporting you and tell us how we can keep improving what we do. 

But, in order for us to know where we need to improve, we have to understand how we’re doing right now – and that’s where we need you to tell us. 

Setting a baseline 

Working with TLF, a specialist research company, we’re going to use your experiences, feedback and opinions to find out how you rate us across a range of services, giving us a kind of ‘baseline’ to measure where we’re at now. When we publish our first set of TSM results, we’ll use this baseline to compare our performance, which will tell us and you which areas we’ve improved in, and which areas we need to focus more on. 

To get the information we need to set our baseline, we’ll be contacting around 800 customers to get their thoughts on important services such as repairs, complaints and how we look after communal areas. If you do get asked to be part of our research, you’ll be contacted by phone, email or via an online invite, and we’ll give you all the instructions you need.  

TLF Research is a specialist customer experience research company with more than 20 years in supporting businesses like us to be better at understanding more about what customers think, feel and want. TLF are a trusted partner of Stonewater, and if they do contact you, you can be assured that the information you give is private and confidential, and we’ll only use this data to make us better. 

If you are selected by TLF, you will get a phone call from 01484 599609, or you may get an email from an address ending 

There’s more on how TLF uses your data on their website here 

Being honest 

What you tell us will directly affect how we look at our services and tell us more about what matters to you, so your input is really valuable. The best thing you can do to help is be completely honest with us. 

Last year, we asked all of our customers to have their say on the new TSMs to make sure that you were able to see the results that matter to you. You can find out more about that here. 

We’ll have more information on the TSMs here on the Customer hubb.