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Top Tips – Phone Photography

Since camera phones have taken over, we’re taking more and more pictures than ever. So, I thought I’d share with you some top tips for getting the most out of your camera phone…

They’re all super-simple, quick and easy and can make so much difference to the results you get.

Tip 1. The 'rule of thirds'

Not really a rule, more a guide to help you take a picture that is pleasing to the eye (with almost ANY subject), the 'rule of thirds' is a 'rule' whereby you place your subject on an imaginary line that divides the photograph into nine squares.

Putting your subject slightly off-centre can create a more balanced image in contrast to photos that place the subject dead centre.

In your camera settings on your phone, turn on the 3x3 grid, this will divide your image up into 9 parts. Now, point your camera at the subject and make sure the subject is lined up with one of the intersecting points. Check out the example below…

Your eye is drawn to these points, remember this when you want to focus the viewer's attention on that specific feature.

Sometimes though, it's good to break the rules!

Tip 2. Think 'light.'

Did you know photography literally means 'painting with light'?

Without light, you won't get a picture. Sometimes less light is good, but too much is never a good idea. You'll often see a photographer with a large flash mounted to or near a camera. These are expensive and not designed for use with phones. So, put your subject next to a window, or, if it's sunny out, put them in the shade, so they're not squinting.

Tip 3. Use the volume button to stop camera shake

On many smartphones you can take photos with your volume button, it acts as a camera shutter. You can also use your headphones with volume buttons to take the picture!

Tip 4. Take more photos than you think you need

Someone has to be that person who has one eye closed or starts sneezing mid-capture. If you take a few more than you need, you can always delete the rubbish ones. Bonus tip – take a picture after you say 'smile' or 'cheese', but then take another one immediately after people think the photo has been taken, it always looks more natural!


Tip 5. Capture action shots using Burst mode

Burst mode is a super quick way to take 10 shots per second. Hold your finger on the shutter button, and your phone should do the rest.