You told us how we could make moving into a Stonewater home quicker?


I recently emailed users of the customer hubb to get your ideas about what changes we could make to moving into a Stonewater home quicker.

Here’s what we found…

The majority of you told us that you found moving into a Stonewater relatively easy and a painless process, some even saying that it was “really easy” and “very straight forward”.

However, there are some that had difficulties, such as having to chase us for information, having boiler issues sorted or general delays. To help us improve, we looked at what the themes that came through from your comments. We then investigated to see what we can or are already doing to help improve those issues.

Here’s what you said Here’s what we’re doing

Focus on communication, especially when keeping customers informed of the progress of their application We work with a number of Choice Based Lettings providers (CBL’s). This means that the customer is in control of their application. We’re also working with HomeHunt, who provide a CBL service nationally. It works the same as if you’re privately renting, meaning you’ll know when your expression of interest in a property is successful.For those with urgent rehousing needs, please keep contacting us so we can discuss the options available.
Get void work (the repairs and maintenance that is needed to be completed prior to new customers moving in) done ASAP We sometimes make the decision to get the work done when a new customer has already moved into the home, as we understand that waiting for a home can be frustrating and in some circumstances, urgent. Sometimes though, we may get this wrong and more work is needed than expected.We’re working with our contractors to improve the time between the resident moving out and the new one coming in
Have flexible start dates for new tenancies Great news… you can! We now have sign ups on any day of the working week.
Have a single point of contact instead of numerous people handling your application We understand that it can be frustrating when you have to say the same thing over and over again. And again.That’s why our digital way of working is being designed to make the journey for you as seamless as possible. We’re not quite there yet… but we’re well on our way!
Use social media and estate agents to advertise the properties We currently use both social media and estate agents. We also advertise our homes on the national website ‘Home Hunt’. Click here for more details.


We also asked how can we improve the satisfaction of our customers?

We had a lot of feedback and we found that we could improve the services we offer you in a number of ways. We have taken on board the feedback you have given us and are currently working with our business leaders to see what we are already doing to improve.

Once we have collected all the information, we will publish it here for you to comment on.

Thanks to all that got involved :smile: