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Your guide to a stress-free move.

Moving home can be stressful. Especially, if like most people, you’ve got tons of possessions and no idea where to start. Don’t worry, you’re not alone!

Reducing the stress of a move is all about preparation. To help you stay on top of things, and to ensure a hassle-free start to your new home, we’ve put together a short guide for keeping moving day blissful.



One month before - get planning


Congratulations! You’ve got a month to go until the move date. Don’t let worries get the better of you. Instead, now’s the time to be inspired by Marie Kondo and give yourself time to pack, sort and declutter as moving home can be a brilliant time to prioritise and sort through your possessions.

Start with individual rooms, select areas and start organising your stuff. Planning this early can help you keep your sanity when moving ramps up! Decide what you’ll keep, what you’ll donate to charity shops, and what things can be thrown out.


Although you’ve got a month to go - starting early makes great sense. You can take packing gradually, deciding what boxes you’ll need closer to the move, and which items can be packed away in advance.

Make lists of which items you’ve packed, and try to keep things in a simple system. Labelling or numbering boxes is a great way to stay organised, and keep track of where things go once you’ve arrived at your new home.

Choose a removals company

Getting a reliable removals company early-on is important. If you’re not using a removals company, because friends and family have offered to help, then don’t worry, it’s still worth getting a quote from some local providers.

Doing your research and gauging the cost early on can help you budget. Some companies also offer packing as a service, if you’re really stuck for time.

If removals firms aren’t for you, and you’ve decided to go for a DIY approach, then make sure you’ve hired the right sized van. Arrange time off work for the move, child and pet care if necessary, so that you’re prepared and ready for the big day.


One week before - paperwork


Thinking ahead can reduce stress levels when you move. So, one week before you’re due to leave, it’s time to get your paperwork in order. We know it’s boring, but it’ll save you a huge amount of hassle further down the line.

Here’s a quick checklist of important paperwork stuff

  1. Tell your landlord the date you’re moving and arrange key exchange
  2. Store important documents in one place, making a copy onto a USB file for safekeeping
  3. Complete a meter reading for your utilities (gas, electric and water) and tell your utilities providers that you’re moving
  4. Call your broadband and phone company, let them know you’re moving


Don’t leave cleaning the house until the last minute. On moving day, you’ll be exhausted, so getting ahead can help reduce the pressure in the last 48 hours.

Motivate yourself with regular breaks, good music and plenty of support from friends and family. Get everyone involved! If you’re going it alone, then you might want to consider hiring a cleaner. Home cleans start from £50 and can be money well spent, when the time comes.

Day before - last minute preparation 

You’ve packed everything, tidied the main areas, arranged a moving date and got time off work. It’s time for some final (but vital) actions to keep your move serene and enjoyable.

Keep the items you’ll need for the 48 hours during the move separately, as if you’re going on a weekend away. Think about the basic things you’ll need when you arrive. Keeping a small amount of food, kitchen utensils and clothing separately can reduce frantic searching through boxes.

Get plenty of rest, because you’ll need it.

Day of the move - regular tea breaks

On the day of the move, don’t try to do too much at once. Take it slowly - especially if you’ve got help, the best thing you can do is to direct people well and not overload yourself. If you’re doing it yourself, consider asking for help from friends or family, and taking plenty of regular breaks.

If you’re using a removals company, make sure you have contact details so you can stay in touch throughout the day.

Keep your most important possessions safe and separate. Take the most important documents with you, so you don’t lose track of valuables.

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